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Doesn’t work

The old app functioned well now this one just spins with no results. And why put a picture of a bug as an icon ?

Fix this

App loads, pick city, enter name....nothing. Doesn’t work at all

Doesn’t Work

App doesn’t work anymore. Someone needs to fix it.

Just got it today.....

Does not work....freezes

Doesn’t work

Newly installed and it doesn’t work! Nothing comes up in search results.

No content

App doesn’t work for any city - no aspect of the app works


Just downloaded this app! NO RESULTS found!

This app saved my rear end!

I almost ate somewhere that is infested with live roaches. Restaurant had an "A" in the window. Glad I had this app!

Doesnt work

Search doesnt find anything...

Doesn't work

I write in the place I wanna look at and nothing happens.

Use it almost daily

This app is great. Now I find myself always looking up restaurants so we can know before we go! I also like that I can track my favorite places and get updates. Well worth it- especially to get information that is kept updated.

Terrible, crashes, don't get

Take me off the purchase list, this app is worthless, don't listen to any other reviews, and don't download!!

Great app!

Great app! Lists a letter grade as well as specific information about violations so you can make an educated decision.

Awesome idea!!

This is great! Who would've known!

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